Dynamic survey analysis software

A tool to hand to your market research customers


Deliver your survey results with a dynamic tool instead of static tables or reports


Dynamic data analysis is the future way of delivering data. Its not if your customers ask for it, its how and when!

Datuno tool for survey data analysis. It is for you if you are a survey providers and/or client. It offers you or your clients a detailed view of your research data-set. You can filter (including cross filter) the results based on any variable in the data-set. Arrange data-sets into trend views (continuous surveys such as customer satisfaction etc.) and have a complex role-based access-control on the survey results to define different levels of access to different users on the same data sets.

Datuno can be used as the main or additional data delivery tool for your research customers. It can very well replace the old-style crosstabs output. Crosstabs is simply one way of exporting data from Datuno.

  • Use any combination of questions in your data set to filter & define your target Group!

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  • Any question measured similarly in separate data-sets can be viewed in trend view while keeping the dynamic target group filterign options on top of the trend view.

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  • Data is an asset and sometimes you want to choose what part of the data you need to show to members of your teams. Define various scenaruous of data access & permissions.

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  • Datuno is designed to leave 100% control over data to customer.

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